Our core values

are the foundation of which Alarfaj
was built.

  • Environmental Sustainability.

    Commitment to environmental preservation and natural resource conservation built on a culture of sustainability.

  • integrity.

    Conducting business ethically, delivering on promises, and serving clients’ best interests.

  • High-end Quality.

    Built on service, Alarfaj strives to deliver the highest quality solutions exceeding client’s expectations and building long-term partnerships.

Our mission

We aspire to provide innovative waste management and environmental solutions from world-class facility management services to leading recycling prospects, serving clients through unrivaled industry experience, and supporting long-term sustainability efforts through state-of-the-art recycling facilities.

Our vision

To provide a sustainable future & build a greener Kuwait.

Alarfaj group of companies

  • BCR
  • Trust
  • Star
  • KWCR