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Alarfaj established Kuwait’s first and largest recycling facility in 1981 and expanded its recycling operations with the establishment of the Beatouna recycling facility in 2015. The company’s state-of-the art 100,000 square meter recycling facility is the first of its kind, driving sustainability efforts in the region to unprecedented levels.

Waste Management

Through innovative technology, Alarfaj’s facilities meticulously sort and segregate waste into different elements. An advanced baling process compresses the material into secure blocks for processing in the recycling facilities or disposal in landfills.

Plastic Recycling

The facility operates at European standards and is equipped with cutting-edge technology provided by SOREMA and EREMA, leading firms in the plastic washing and extruding industry. The Facility currently generates more than 12,000 tons annually which is the largest amongst all plastic recycling factories in Kuwait.

Paper Processing

As Kuwait’s first paper processing plant, the facility specializes in the collection, sorting, and baling of numerous grades of paper. The facility’s technology is capable of processing office paper waste alongside industrial paper and cardboard waste to meet the demands of any business needs.

Why choose Alarfaj?


  • Evolution towards an iconic group of companies

  • Tailored solutions serving a spectrum of needs

  • Highest quality services and building long-term partnerships

  • Globally recognized and certified

  • Commitment to environmental preservation and natural resource conservation built on a culture of sustainability

Environmental health and safety.

As a longstanding partner, Alarfaj is positioned to enhance businesses’ environmental efforts, supporting corporates in building a strong environmental footprint, expanding corporate social responsibility, and contributing to regional sustainable impact.

  • Efficient Waste Management

    Adopt a seamless, efficient process to manage commercial and industrial waste through a single customizable and integrated system.

  • Safety is our top priority

    It’s the most important thing we do every day, we believe that starts with training and preparedness combined with a top down commitment to our core value of safety.

  • Alarfaj partnership

    Through its 59 year history, Alarfaj became a trusted partner to prominent governmental, corporate, and commercial entities.

We have a commitment to environmental preservation and natural resource conservation built on a culture of sustainability

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