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We provides superior quality commercial cleaning services spanning interior cleaning and disinfecting, exterior cleaning and landscaping, high-rise glass cleaning, and pest control services through highly experienced staff and professionally trained janitors.


Innovative sanitizing services through the latest, globally certified infectious disease prevention equipment and disinfectants, utilizing electronic sprayers for bacterial and disease control.

Janitorial Services

The cleaning staff is equipped with the latest technology, including advanced scrubbing machinery, specialized cleaning tools, and advanced disinfectant sprayers, in addition to the highest-grade cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly, non-hazardous fluids complemented by specialized pesticide control solutions.

Office Support

Office support staff provide corporate hospitality services and reliable support to any corporate requirements with hygiene, professionalism, and efficiency at the forefront of the services.


Professional internal messengers are well-versed in both Arabic and English with the expertise to support timely and accurate corporate documentation flow through professional distribution procedures and a high degree of confidentiality and hygiene.


With a talented team of agriculture engineers and landscape professionals, Alarfaj designs, installs, and maintains residential and commercial gardens, indoor hydro plants, as well as public and private gardens, installing advanced irrigation systems and meeting clients’ design and maintenance specifications.

Pest Control

The service is complemented by the Pesticide Control Department, ensuring effective pest elimination and long-term prevention solutions.

Waste Collection

An extensive assortment of specialized containers exceeding 600 units fabricated in accordance with international standards and specifications. Containers meet complex waste requirements, collecting general waste, private refuse, and industrial waste tailored to businesses’ unique requirements and challenges.

Why choose Alarfaj?


  • Evolution towards an iconic group of companies

  • Tailored solutions serving a spectrum of needs

  • Highest quality services and building long-term partnerships

  • Globally recognized and certified

  • Commitment to environmental preservation and natural resource conservation built on a culture of sustainability

Environmental health and safety.

As a longstanding partner, Alarfaj is positioned to enhance businesses’ environmental efforts, supporting corporates in building a strong environmental footprint, expanding corporate social responsibility, and contributing to regional sustainable impact.

  • Efficient Waste Management

    Adopt a seamless, efficient process to manage commercial and industrial waste through a single customizable and integrated system.

  • Safety is our top priority

    It’s the most important thing we do every day, we believe that starts with training and preparedness combined with a top down commitment to our core value of safety.

  • Alarfaj partnership

    Through its 59 year history, Alarfaj became a trusted partner to prominent governmental, corporate, and commercial entities.

We have a commitment to environmental preservation and natural resource conservation built on a culture of sustainability

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